10 HOT and Beautiful Female Soldiers in Uniform VS Casual Clothes

Today, women serve in the army, the air force, the navy, the military police, and many, many other areas. Female soldiers are not only as skilled as male soldiers but they also totally rock their uniforms! 

Nexter.org prepared 10 photos of gorgeous female soldiers.

 Female police officer, Israel

Source: Instagram/eden_ben_baruch


Sergeant Harrison

Source: Instagram/combat_bunny


United States Navy

Source: Instagram/imtarable


The United States Marine Corps

Source: Instagram/lydiasiramdane


Air Force soldier

Source: Instagram/prodigiouspaola


U.S. Navy

Source: Instagram/emilyisoline


 Twin girls from the Israeli Army

Source: Instagram/noyandhadartwinss


United States Coast Guard

Source: Instagram/jbnetti


Norwegian Air Force soldier

Source: Instagram/juliesletten


Marine Corps

Source: Instagram/kay__whit

Which photo is your favorite?