5 Incredible Restaurants Created In Real (Non-Working) Planes

When you find an old plane that nobody will ever use, what will you do? That’s a tough question to answer but these people knew what to do right away – create an amazing restaurant.

Nexter.org prepared you a bunch of such unusual places.

Runway 1, India

Source: The Financial Express

The Airbus A320 was originally an Air India flight. Now it is a restaurant with curries, pizza, and pasta on the menu of this plane. You can sit both inside the plane and on its wings.

Source: The Financial Express

Kshitij Kakkar told the Indian Express: “My wife Shruti, who was an air hostess with Jet Airways, and I came up with the idea. It took us almost a year to set this up as the aircraft came disassembled from Delhi.”


El Avion, Costa Rica


Source: Eliza Belle Photography

One of the cargo planes was shot down in 1986 and was left to until 2000. Now C-123 Fairchild cargo plane menu include fried calamari, coconut shrimp and seafood curry. And this awesome bar:

Source: joseluiscel


Steaks on a Plane, UK

Source: bigworldtale

Boeing 737 used to be a Russian jet. Now it is a fast food restaurant that serves large portions of shredded steaks, burgers, and snacks.

Source: bigworldtale

The owner Zahid Kadva explained the name of this place: “The pun came later – the pun came after the plane. I haven’t seen the movie (the name is a pun on cult movie Snakes on a Plane), but my wife has, and she told me the name.”


McDonald’s, New Zealand

A decommissioned DC-3 plane was turned into McDonald’s in 2014.

Owner Eileen Byrne told the Daily Mail: “When McDonald’s purchased the site in 1990, the airplane came with it.”


Plane in the City, Malaysia

Source: Plane in the city

The most luxurious dining option on this list. This plane has both economy and first class tables, with five-star food and drinks costing up to £186 per person.

Source: Plane in the city

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