5 Wrong Rumors About Brad Pitt And His Co-Stars

(Getty Images)

The tabloids often come up with phony stories surrounding Brad Pitt and his various co-stars. Gossip Cop has debunked many false reports about the actor’s on-set relationships. Here are five wrong rumors.

In October, Gossip Cop busted OK! for falsely claiming that Pitt was feuding with Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The tabloid alleged that the two movie stars “don’t get along very well at all” and “go their separate ways” as soon as they finish shooting a scene. Not only did a rep for Pitt dismiss the story as fiction, but paparazzi photos from the set of the Quentin Tarantino movie showed Pitt and DiCaprio sharing a laugh during a break from filming. There’s no rivalry between the actors.

Also in October, Gossip Cop called out New Idea for making up a story about Jennifer Aniston being jealous of Pitt’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star Margaret Qualley. The 23-year-old actress played Justin Theroux’s daughter on “The Leftovers,” and according to the magazine, Aniston was “livid” about her ex-husband working with her. Considering that Pitt and Aniston “haven’t seen each other in ages,” the article made little sense. Aniston’s close friend Portia de Rossi even told Us Weekly she knows “for a fact” that ex-spouses “haven’t seen each other.” Aniston isn’t the least bit concerned about any of Pitt’s co-stars.

In September, Gossip Cop debunked a Grazia article claiming Pitt’s Ocean’s Eleven co-star George Clooney was getting involved in his custody battle with Angelina Jolie. The publication maintained that Clooney was attempting to play “peacemaker” between the exes so they could settle their divorce amicably. A rep qualified to speak on Clooney’s behalf, however, assured us the actor wasn’t playing a role in his co-star’s divorce. In fact, Clooney wasn’t aware of Pitt’s split when it first occurred back in September 2016. The news was broken to him by a CNN reporter. Simply put, it doesn’t seem like Clooney is super involved in his co-star’s personal life.

Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day Australia in September for alleging that Pitt was finally ready to move on from Jolie with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star Margot Robbie. A source was quoted as telling the magazine, “Margot and Brad get along great and their chemistry is off the charts… They’ve bonded over a shared love of motorcycles, and Margot has been showing an interest in Brad’s sculpture work.” But “Entertainment Tonight,” a much more reliable celebrity news outlet, rightly reported at the time that Pitt had “taken a step away from dating” amid his custody battle. The actor has remained single, and certainly never pursued a romance with his co-star, who’s happily married to assistant director Tom Ackerley. It’s also worth noting, Robbie revealed in a recent interview with Porter magazine that she’s “barely on set” with Pitt, as the two don’t share many scenes together.

And finally, Gossip Cop called out the National Enquirer last year for claiming that Pitt had found a “replacement son” in 22-year-old actor Tye Sheridan, who played his son in the 2011 movie The Tree of Life. The magazine contended that Pitt’s way of coping with his custody battle, during which he didn’t get to see his children as often, was by becoming a father figure to Sheridan. Not only did a rep for the movie star dismiss the story as fiction, but Pitt and Sheridan haven’t been seen together since the premiere of their movie more than half a decade ago. Pitt never used his on-screen son as a “replacement” for his real kids.