7 Uber Safety Tips for Women – Make Sure You Know Them Before Using This Service

Uber app is really convenient as you can order a car in a few clicks and add a card to your payment, so you don’t even need to take cash with you. However, the cases of assault, rape, and murder changed the attitude toward this company. 

Nexter.org gathered some useful safety tips for women that often take Uber and are afraid of their well-being.

  • Get friendly with the app 

Before the trip, check all the available information about the driver, feedbacks and all the safety features available on the app.

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  • Check if it’s the right car

Most of the dangerous situations take place because a person gets into the wrong car. Do not forget to check that license plate, driver’s photo and name – it should match the info in the app.

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  • Use backseat, but buckle up

For those who travel alone, it’s preferable to be a backseater. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buckle up – it can save your life in the car accident.

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  • Share the location with a person you trust

Modern technology allows us to stay close to each other, that’s why use the opportunities provided by your phone and apps. For instance, Apple Messenger has a feature that tracks the movement of the person connected to your phone.

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  • Share the details about the ride

Uber has it covered! “Share status” in the app to share your driver’s name, photo, details about the car, and even location!

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  • Don’t wait to ask for help 

If you feel that something is wrong, don’t wait for it to happen. In the case of the dangerous situation, call 911 immediately.

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  • Leave feedback 

Let other users know if something not okay with the driver or car. The support team can handle the situation, and, if not, at least other people will know that it’s not safe to ride with this driver.

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