Angelina Jolie Made Peace With Brad Pitt After Talking To Jennifer Garner?

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Did Angelina Jolie make peace with Brad Pitt after getting advice from Jennifer Garner? That was the claim from one of the tabloids exactly one year ago today. Gossip Cop reported the premise about Garner offering Jolie tips on how to stay on good terms with an ex was untrue, and it remains false to this day.

On December 15, 2017, Star asserted Jolie took Garner’s advice about how she and Pitt need to do “family outings” together with their kids, just like she did and continues to do with Ben Affleck. At the time, the tabloid quoted a supposed “source” relating how Garner helped guide Jolie to deal with a variety of issues, including coping with Pitt having “moved on” from her. But the main point of that story from 12 months ago was how, after talking to Garner, Jolie was inspired to reach out to Pitt and “put their differences aside and mend their fractured family, like Jen did.”

As Gossip Cop noted 365 days ago, there was no proof whatsoever the two women ever met up at an “event,” as contended by the tabloid, or that Garner shared her thoughts with Jolie about how to navigate a divorce and custody issues with a celebrity ex. And to this day, it appears Garner and Jolie didn’t bond as single moms. We reached out to sources within both their camps, and were told this purported meeting never took place, and that the magazine’s narrative was simply made-up.

In the intervening year, as opposed to how Garner and Affleck are sometimes photographed together with their children, Pitt and Jolie have not co-parented at all. They’ve never once done “family outings” since their split in September 2016. In fact, much of the past year was spent with Pitt and Jolie bitterly battling over their child custody issues, which they only recently settled to avoid a trial in court.

Nor in the past year did Star get any better with its reporting about Garner or Jolie. Among the many phony claims the outlet published was a cover story about how both Garner and Affleck’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus were pregnant with his babies at the same time. Of course, neither of them were expecting, and the whole article was a complete lie.

And its tales about Jolie and Pitt have been equally outlandish. In addition to such fictitious stories as Pitt having a baby with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, the tabloid has printed a number of doozies about the Oscar-winner, including a recently manufactured article about Jolie dating Jared Leto. Also, far from her making peace with her estranged husband, the magazine previously maintained this year Jolie was anorexic and dying because of her custody battle with Pitt.

Gossip Cop occasionally looks back at reports from the year before to show readers who they can and cannot trust. Often the passage of time helps suss out what’s fact and what’s fiction. It should be abundantly clear now that several of Star’s pieces about Jolie, Garner, and Pitt are simply untrue, at best, and at worst were entirely fabricated.