Benidorm is now having the worlds largest water slide

One of the world’s biggest water slides has opened up to thrill-seekers at Benidorm’s water park Aqualandia – it’s known as the Cyclon and it looks huge.

The slide includes a gigantic vortex tunnel, is proportional to a 12-story building and animates the sentiment of zero gravity. Here is a taster of what’s to come:

It’s a four-man slide also so you don’t need to have to enjoy it on your lonesome – unless you’re shoved with three random strangers which are never ideal.

According to The Sun, the ride is 2.7m (eight foot) wide, the large funnel opens out into a width of 20m (65 feet) with an incline of 45 degrees.

Credit: Aqualandia Benidorm

In the event that you dive in you could be going at speed of up to 37 miles for each hour (60km/h) with numerous turns and turns before the all-powerful plunge to end the ride.

There are claims that it is the biggest water slide on the planet however Cyclon isn’t the tallest or longest – because you can’t have everything.

Credit: Aqualandia Benidorm

The Guinness World Records expresses that the longest is at Action Park in New Jersey which measures at 601m (1,975ft) long. The tallest is situated in Brazilian waterpark, Aldeia das Águas Park Resort and it’s called the Kilimanjaro which is rather apt.

Source: Aqualandia Benidorm