Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars Are About To Become Your New Favorite Dessert

The holidays are upon us, and that means that along with traveling, shopping and decorating, you also have to find time to make some holiday goodies. If you’re in charge of the sweets for your Christmas gathering this year, you can stop stressing out because we have found the perfect quick and easy holiday dessert.

These chocolate chip cheesecake bars from Pillsbury have five ingredients and the prep time is only 10 minutes. All you need is cream cheese, sugar, one egg and Pillsbury refrigerated chocolate chip cookies. You can also add coconut if you’d like, or just skip it if you’re good with the cookies and cheesecake.

There are only three steps involved, too. First, press the cookie dough into a pan, then mix the cream cheese, sugar and egg (and coconut if you want) in a bowl and spread it on the cookie dough. After that, sprinkle the rest of the cookie dough on top and pop it in the oven. That’s it — holiday dessert is done!


Just be sure to give it at least two hours in the fridge to harden up before cutting it into bars, and then keep it in the fridge when it’s not being eaten. You can follow along with Pillsbury’s video tutorial below:

If you’d like to make some other cookie bars to go along with the cheesecake ones for the holidays, check out these festive Christmas magic bars made with oats, butterscotch chips and red and green M&Ms.

The easy-peasy recipe from Passion for Savings mainly requires pressing a graham cracker mixture into a pan, pouring sweetened condensed milk on top of the graham cracker mixture and then layering in the other ingredients before baking it for around 30 minutes.

Passion for Savings

Will you be whipping up some cookie bars this holiday season?