Festival For Real Vampires: Drinking Blood and Having Sex Parties – Are You Brave Enough to Try?

Obsession Bizarr Fetish and SM party is one of the main adult events of the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig, Germany. Over 30,000 goths and vampires came to enjoy 200 gigs, secret vampire soirees, late-night ghost walks, Victorian tea parties and Viking markets.

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Being a vampire is cool now

Source: Olivia West


“Being a vampire has never been so popular,” says 300 years old vampire Darren Powell whose real name, according to him, is DemonDaz. “There’s over 3,000 in London and that number keeps rising.

His girlfriend Lilith and him are drinking each other’s blood every week. They say it is a sexual fetish.

Source: Olivia West


“We drink each other’s blood twice a week, to us it is a sexual thing but I also do like the taste, it’s metally and yummy. It’s funny as although I’m a vegetarian, I’ve no problem when it comes to humans. It’s great vampires continue to dominate fantasy literature. Growing up I loved them and would devour shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” she said. 

“By day I am an underwriter for a big insurance firm, by night I am a vampire who runs lots of freaky events in London.”

Source: Olivia West

They also mentioned that they met in a graveyard. 

“It was romantic,” Darren smiles. “A bit like the gothic version of Love Actually. Six months on, we are still going strong.”

“This festival is like Glastonbury for Goths, it allows us to come out of the shadows and meet like-minded dark souls. I drink blood a few times a month, it’s very much a kink for me but for others it’s a lifestyle,” said 23-year-old Ben Davies from Cardiff.


Drinking the blood and having sex parties

There are also sex parties which you can take part in or just watch. Everything is very safe, nobody can touch you without your permission and there are no phones or cameras allowed.

Source: Olivia West


A girl named Johanna says that there are different types of vampires – lifestyles vampires, energy vampires, and sanguine vampires – the ones who drink blood like Dracula.

“I’m actually hosting an exclusive vampire ball tonight, called Endless Night,” she continues. “Over 250 vampires will be there. It is invitation only and there will be candlelight, belly dancers and great music. It will help people connect in a more intimate way.”

Source: Olivia West

By the way, there is a strict dress code to get in. If you’re planning to visit you’d better wear something latex, kinky, leather, glamour or gothic-erotic. 

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