Giant Huntsman Spiders and 9 Other Reasons Why Australia Is a Crazy Place to Live

‘Is there anyone that could remove this from my house?? Now!???’ an old woman wrote on Facebook when she saw an enormous huntsman spider hovering at her Bluewater home in Townsville, Queensland. 

‘It’s Australia,’ you would say. Yeah, baby, it is. Check out 10 horrifying reasons why you would never want to visit Australia on

Spider in Bluewater home in Townsville, Queensland 

The freaking pythons eating everything they see


The place where dingoes are stronger than sharks  


In Australia, you can surf at your own risk – crocodiles will be happy 

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Paralysis ticks after drinking YOUR blood 

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Say hello to your new modern apartment 

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Millipedes are the dearest neighbors. Well, it’s better than crocodiles and snakes 


Aliens? No, big jellyfish

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The coral-like creature that can sting you pretty hard 


Deadly blue-ringed octopus that can actually kill humans 

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