Gosling or Reynolds? 10 Pictures Of Celebs Morphed in One to Create a Hybrid

A 25-year-old student from France called Ben has a very interesting hobby which attracts more and more attention to his Instagram account Morphy_me. He takes two pictures of different celebs and morphs them in one, creating a hybrid portrait.

Nexter.org selected some of our favorite ones for you today.

Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds


Tom Hiddleston and James Franco


Natalie Portman and Millie Bobbie Brown


Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio


Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence


Harry Styles and Zayn Malik


Beyoncé and Margot Robbie


Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift


Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa


Chris Pratt and Michael Fassbender

Which picture is your favorite?