Jessica Alba’s Twitter hacked, Homophobic and Racist tweets took fans by surprise

Jessica Alba’s Twitter hacked and was used by the hacker to share offensive tweets.

(Image source: Instagram/ Jessica Alba)

The actress’s account was hijacked on 28th July. Shocking messages started appearing on the 38-year-old’s Twitter wall and assured fans that her account had been hacked.

The offensive tweet were posted around midnight and have now been taken down from the Fantastic Four actress’s Twitter.

Jessica Alba’s Twitter hacked: Offensive Tweets

The tweets carried extremely offensive messages with anti-Semitic Homophobic, sexist and racist comment. Even though the tweets were deleted shortly after the hijacking, a few users managed to screenshot the hateful messages.

(Image source: Instagram/ Jessica Alba)

The hacker shared one tweet regarding Hitler, defending him by sharing he “did nothing wrong”.

In addition, tweets targeting handicapped people also started pouring in.

With several tweet saying “God i can’t stand Handicapped Fa***ts” and one that read, “Rumor has it that handicapped fa***ts are behind 9/11, Bush didn’t do 9/11”

The hacker also demanded to free American rapper YNW Melly who was arrested for murdering two of his friends.

The tweets continued on with cursing and hateful messages.

(Image source: Twitter/ im baby)
(Image source: Twitter/ Blake)
(Image source: Twitter/ im baby)
(Image source: Twitter/ im baby)

Fans react to offensive tweets from Alba’s account: “Why Jessica?”

Fans couldn’t help but make a few jokes out of the hijacking as it was confusing to them. The actress was trending on Twitter, but not for the reason fans expected.

One fan wrote in confidence, “we all 100% know she wouldn’t tweet something like that Bc [Because] she doesn’t really tweet at all….”

(Image source: Instagram/ Jessica Alba)

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Adding the current question on everyone’s mind, “Why Jessica though?”

In addition, another fan questioned the hacker’s choice to choose Alba’s account. The Twitter user wrote, “When you had the chance to hack Trump you go and Pick Jessica Alba out of all people.”

Alba hasn’t officially commented on the situation yet.

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