Katie Holmes Having Breakdown Over Jamie Foxx Romance And Suri Wanting To Reunite With Tom Cruise?

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One of this week’s tabloids claims Katie Holmes is having a breakdown over the stress of her personal life, including her romance with Jamie Foxx and her daughter Suri supposedly wanting to reunite with Tom Cruise. The story is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

An article in the latest issue of Star says the actress is in the midst of a meltdown that’s taking a toll on her physical appearance. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Katie is weary to the bone and losing sleep over everything that’s going on in her life. The dark circles under her eyes show it. Her appetite’s gone, and she looks terrible.”

One of the main issues, according to the magazine’s supposed source, is that Holmes is worried about what the future holds for her and Foxx. “Katie’s trying so hard to be patient and not rock the boat with Jamie, but all she wants is to get married and have a normal relationship,” says the questionable tipster. “She’s tired of all this sneaking around. They were talking about getting married in Paris, but now he’s flip-flopping on that, and she just can’t understand why he’s passionate one day and cold the next. It’s driving her crazy with anxiety.” As Gossip Cop reported last month, Holmes and Foxx were never planning a wedding in Paris.

As for Holmes’ 12-year-old daughter, the outlet says the little girl is desperate to reconnect with her estranged dad, who she hasn’t seen in several years. “Suri’s at an age where she needs a father, and she’s asking a lot of questions,” adds the suspicious source, who goes on to say that Holmes has tried to explain why Cruise’s involvement in Scientology forbids him from seeing her. “Suri is hearing none of it. She’s demanding to live with Tom,” adds the seemingly phony insider.

The tabloid’s drama is completely fabricated. Over the past week, Holmes has shared several Instagram photos of her holiday and birthday celebrations. The actress has posted several pictures showing off her Christmas decorations and birthday presents, along with hashtags such as “#peace” and “#family.” It’s clear the actress is in good spirits as she celebrates the holidays with her loved ones.

Last week, Holmes and Foxx celebrated her 40th birthday at a restaurant in New York City, where they were accompanied by her mom. People magazine, a much more reliable celebrity news outlet than OK!, noted that the couple’s relationship “seems so much more serious this year.”

Simply put, Holmes love life and family life are both perfectly intact, and she’s not suffering a breakdown over either of them. The tabloid’s claim otherwise is coming from an anonymous and untraceable “source,” but Gossip Cop reached out to the actress’s rep, who tells us on the record that she’s happy and healthy.