People Who Underwent Serious Transformations and Now Rock the World With Their New Looks

Sometimes people aren’t pleased with the way they live and decide (or their health makes them) to undergo serious surgeries and treatments.

Check out on 5 people that were brave enough to go through the number of procedures to become the better version of themselves.

Limb lengthening

Chandler Crews said: “I was having hip problems, knee problems and back problems because of how bowed my legs were. I was going to have surgery down the road anyway so I decided to lengthen my legs and arms.”

Source: Reddit/@Master1718



Face transplant

Cameron Underwood says that he underwent 25-hour surgery: “From having just a hole for a mouth, a couple teeth, and no nose, to having all of that almost overnight… It was definitely a relief. I feel really lucky to get something like this.”

Source: NYU Langone Health


Bionic arm

9-year-old Josh Cathcart was born with his right arm missing, but now he has a bionic arm.



Limb lengthening

One more result after limb lengthening – before and after photos.



3D-printed ears 

“Microtia is a congenital external ear malformation that can seriously influence the psychological and physiological well-being of affected children,” explained the study’s lead author Guangdong Zhou.

“The results represent a significant breakthrough in clinical translation of tissue-engineered human ear-shaped cartilage.”


Source: Ebio Medicine