Rapper A$AP Rocky detained for two weeks over alleged assault in Sweden

Rapper A$AP Rocky detained for two weeks over alleged assault in Sweden.

A$AP ROcky

(Image source: Instagram/ ASAP Rocky)

The hip-hop performer had been due to perform in London at the Wireless Festival this weekend. However, rapper A$AP Rocky was arrested over an alleged assault case in Stockholm.

Footage surfaced in which the rapper hurled a man to the ground. He and his escorts punched and kicked him. Other members of his escort team were seen beating another man.

Hip Hopper Rocky

(Image source: Instagram/ ASAP Rocky)

A$AP Rocky’s real name is Rakim Mayers.  Later after the incident, the rapper was detained by the police. Alongside, three other people were arrested too. Two of them for infuriating the assault and one for assault. Swedish authorities took over the matter and they have until noon on Saturday to file charges. Mayers’ lawyer told CNN: “We are working hard with this and [are] confident that the prosecutor will take a decision in favor of my client when he gets the full picture.”

Rocky under serious threat!

Furthermore, Mayers aka. A$AP Rocky posted a video on Instagram that showed him being followed by the two men who were later attacked. The guard is later heard telling a bystander: “He hit me with the headphones, he cut me on my head – I could really beat the shit out of him, I don’t even know him, he’s following us. Tell him to leave us alone.” Mayers says: “We don’t want to fight you … We don’t want no problem with these boys – they keep following us.”

Mayers wrote in the caption on Instagram: “We don’t know these guys and we didn’t want trouble, they followed us for 4 blocks.”

Rocky detained in Sweden

(Image source: Instagram/ ASAP Rocky)

Subject to Swedish law, Rocky alongside his friends can be held for a maximum of three days. They have to appear before a judge to face formal charges.

A$AP Rocky detained

(Image source: Instagram/ ASAP Rocky)

This incident took place ahead of a music festival in Sweden in which the rapper had to appear.

Rocky had been due to perform in London

(Image source: Instagram/ ASAP Rocky)

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The hip-hop rapper had huge plans ahead!

The US-based rapper’s lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja, said in a telephone interview, “He, of course, is very disappointed and this is a catastrophe for his tour.”

Wireless, a London festival attended by almost 50,000 people and A$AP Rocky had scheduled to perform there. His itinerary also included tour dates in Ireland, Germany, Russia, etc.

Mr. Olsson Lilja said the detention did not mean anything and that he would appeal for his client. “Of course a world artist like him would come back to Sweden if there is a trial in the summer or fall,” he said.

Rocky hip hop rapper

(Image source: Instagram/ ASAP Rocky)

The rapper has not yet been charged.

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