Sheriff’s Deputy’s Strange Relationship Ends In Illegal Midnight Rendezvous

Everyone has secret thoughts and intentions. That much has always been true, but it’s when we act on those fantasies that things become complicated. This is doubly true for people whose innermost thoughts tend to be of an illegal or overtly harmful nature.

Officer Shauna Bishop had such thoughts. Inside her head, they were harmless fantasies, something she indulged in privately. Unfortunately, Shauna’s inability to separate reality from fantasy would prove to be the undoing of her career and ultimately, her freedom…

Top Cop

Sheriff’s deputy Shauna Bishop was, by all accounts, one heck of a police officer. She was good at her job, not simply because she was brave, thorough, and efficient. She was a top cop because she was also sympathetic to those who were in need of her help. She protected and served the public and was kind to her friends.

Good Friends

One of those friends, let’s call her Jane for the sake of her anonymity, was a single mother who was having some trouble with her 16-year-old son, John. She and Shauna had become close after the latter had broken up with John’s father and the deputy spent a good amount of time at Jane’s house those days…

Problem Child

It was a late night in April and John, being that he was only sixteen, had been rebelling a bit more than his mother had expected. He had taken to underage drinking and using marijuana, and Jane had called the deputy over to talk about some options for dealing with the problem. After all, if you can’t ask a friend for help, who can you ask?

Matters Big and Small

Deputy Bishop arrived at around 8 p.m. Their initial discussion went just as planned, they talked about John and his burgeoning substance abuse problems. As the night wore on, however, they spoke of smaller matters. They laughed and reminisced, connecting on their mutual disdain for John’s father…

Staying the Night

It was well after midnight before their discussion finally came to a close. Bishop decided that she should spend the night, which she did, in Jane’s bed. She even promised to make breakfast for them the next day and prep John’s lunch for school. The two women took an Ambien, a popular though controversial sleep-aid, and slipped off to bed.

Ulterior Motive

Now, we can’t know what other considerations drove her to stay in the same bed as her ex’s ex, but we know one thing for certain; Bishop had an ulterior motive. Instead of sleeping through the night, Bishop awoke sometime later and stealthily made her way into the bedroom of the sleeping sixteen-year-old…

That Tender Moment

John awoke to find the deputy standing over his bed. He knew her well, not just because she had dated his father, but also because she and his mother had become so close. He was about to say something to her when he felt her lean down and begin kissing him. Though he was shocked, he didn’t know what to do next.

Wandering Hands

John lay still as he felt Bishop begin to touch his side. Unable to help himself, he became caught up in the moment too and began to touch her back and then her legs. She moved her hand down to his thigh and then towards his privates. She stopped a moment later when they hears Jane shuffling sleepily down the hallway towards the room…

Timely Arrival

Jane hadn’t seemed to notice anything. Instead, she simply conversed briefly with Bishop and the two headed back to her bedroom. John, meanwhile, lay awake in his bed, unsure if the interaction with his dad’s ex had really just happened or fi he had just been having a very troubling, hormone-charged dream.

She Returns

Bishop returned two minutes later and resumed the midnight makeout session. John removed his shirt and she worked her way down beneath his sheets. John couldn’t believe it was happening. What he didn’t know was that Shauna Bishop had allegedly been waiting for this moment for a very long time…

Back and Forth

Their night of lovemaking continued. Every so often, Bishop would get up to check the bedroom door but would return later. John was beside himself. She asked if he was ready for it and then the two had intercourse. When she finally told him “I knew this was going to happen tonight,” John realized that perhaps this had been coming for a long while.


John never realized how long his dad’s girlfriend had lusted after him. When she stayed with his dad, Bishop would often walk around naked, almost as if she were waiting to “accidentally” run into him. She had also looked up this fantasy by way of Internet pornography for some time, or at least, that’s what her phone’s browser history indicated afterward…


When they were done, Bishop warned him not to tell anyone about what had happened, especially not the police. At first, John kept his word, but his guilty conscience soon got the better of him. Several days later, he called Bishop to tell her that he wanted to come clean about their midnight rendezvous.

The Blame Game

The two spoke on the phone for 69 minutes. Bishop told him that the reason they had engaged in sex was that she had watched stepmom/stepson related porn videos beforehand. These pornos had put the idea into her head. She even told him that she thought about him when she masturbated. That was enough for John…

Under Arrest

Eventually, John came clean to his mother and subsequently the police. 45-year-old Deputy Shauna Bishop was under arrest for performing sexual acts with a minor. She was taken into custody and her cell phone was confiscated. What police soon found in her browsing history corroborated everything and more.

Corresponding Scenes

Investigators did indeed several pornographic sites on her phone’s history. The majority of her searched content involved stepmoms and stepsons, which meant that she had indeed been holding this fantasy inside for a very long time. Some of the scenes even corresponded directly to the sexual acts she performed that night…


Still, Bishop had indeed taken Ambien the night that this all occurred. This drug has a long history of making people do odd things, like walking barefoot to the convenience store in their pajamas or cooking a pot roast in their sleep. This begged the question, was Shauna Bishop responsible for her actions?


The thing is, as much as Bishop claimed that she had been “disgusted, scared, and saddened” by her actions, the browsing history wasn’t doing her any favors. But should a person be judged by their fantasies, so long as they don’t act on them, that is?

Side Effects

In most cases, folks would say, no, of course not. Not in Bishop’s case, however. In addition to the lies she spoke about her so-called remorse, the police also found that she had never researched the side-effects of Ambien as she claimed she had. They believe that she knew exactly what she was doing the whole time.

Abuse of Power

It’s not a happy story, it’s a story about sex, drugs, pornography, and strange relationship dynamics that ended, ultimately, in tragedy. One woman loses everything, a young man has to deal with the ramifications of being sexually assaulted, and the whole world has to deal with yet another person in authority abusing their power over the weak.

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