Top Justin Theroux Rumor Of 2018: Having Baby With Emma Stone

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Justin Theroux’s post-split love life was the subject of a lot of false tabloid stories in 2018. The top wrong rumor about the actor came when a tabloid reported he was having a baby with Emma Stone. In reality, the stars never even dated.

The “Maniac” co-stars were spotted together at various events earlier this year, inspiring the tabloids to create a storyline about them being a new couple following his split from Jennifer Aniston. The rumors kicked off in March when Theroux and Stone sat next to each other at Louis Vuitton’s Paris Fashion Week show. However, both are ambassadors for the brand, and were accompanied by several other celebrities who work with the fashion line.

In May, Theroux and Stone were spotted out to dinner together in New York City, sparking even more romance rumors. However, the platonic pals weren’t on a date night, as they were accompanied by several other friends during the outing. Meanwhile, separate reps for both stars assured Gossip Cop they weren’t romantically involved.

Later in May, Stone told WWD that Theroux is “like my brother,” and the following month, their mutual pal Jonathan Van Ness confirmed to E! News, “They’re friends… Men and women can be friends and it can just be friendly.”

Unfortunately, Woman’s Day Australia decided to kick things up a notch in July by falsely claiming that Stone was pregnant with Theroux’s baby. The unreliable magazine contended that the actress was “spotted on several occasions in the past few weeks wearing baggy clothes and seemingly trying to cover a baby bump.” Shortly after the article was published, Theroux’s rep told us on the record that it was nonsense. Five months later, it’s clear the actress never had a “baby bump.”

It’s worth noting, Theroux and Stone are presumably still friends, but they haven’t been spotted together since the red carpet premiere of “Maniac” in September. Regardless, they never dated and most assuredly aren’t having a child together. In fact, the tabloids have mostly given up on linking the two now that it’s become clear they aren’t an item.

There were additional storylines earlier this year about Theroux moving in with Stone, as well as multiple articles alleging that Aniston was furious about her estranged husband dating the actress. Woman’s Day Australia, however, was the only publication audacious enough to try and throw a baby into the mix. That claim marks 2018’s top wrong rumor about Theroux.