Woman Fed Up With Searching For The ‘Perfect Man’ Comes Up With The Strangest Solution

The matrimonial bliss of a wedding affects everyone in attendance, especially the lovestruck bride and groom. It doesn’t matter if it’s a massively lavish celebration with expensive food and ornate floral arrangements or a small backyard gathering with 10 guests. There’s a certain magic always present.

As long as a couple is in love, it really shouldn’t matter to anyone who’s watching them exchange vows. Everyone has a different taste in a partner, but there’s one woman from Ireland who picked a mate that, well, frankly, was out of this world.

When the pangs of cupid’s arrow strike two people at the same time, wedding bells can’t be far behind. Recently, however, there have been some pretty unusual pairs joining at the altar.

Believe it or not, some states allow humans to actually enter Holy Matrimony with inanimate objects. This might sound strange to most, but there’s a woman in Ireland who took it one step further.

At 45 years old, mother-of-five Amanda Teague had lived in Northern Ireland her whole life. You might be wondering why she’s standing next to a pirate’s flag. Well, it’s because she has quite a unique connection with one particular swashbuckler.

That would be Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp’s character from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Strangely, this middle-aged Irish mom had more in common with the pirate than you might expect.

Amanda was a professional Jack Sparrow impersonator throughout Ireland. She attended fairs and other large celebrations dressed as the movie pirate and entertained fairgoers. But, her obsession with pirates was way stranger than mere impersonation.

In a bizarre interview she gave to PEOPLE in 2014, Amanda claimed the ghost of an 18th-century Haitian pirate named “Jack” visited her while she was in bed. According to the ghost, he was executed 300 years earlier for theft. Strangely, instead of fear, Amanda felt a romantic bond forming.

At first, she “was horrified to discover I had romantic feelings for him.” But over the next six months, the two struck up an intense, and often intimate, relationship. In love, Amanda knew what she needed to do next.

Amanda decided to marry the ghost, but since “ghost marriages” aren’t exactly recognized throughout the world, the couple and the wedding party sailed out to international waters to get the deed done. And what an unusually memorable ceremony it was.

A skull-and-crossbones flag represented Jack’s presence, along with a medium who helped give his vows. The whole ceremony was presided over by a Shaman priest experienced in the ways of the spirit world. Of course, Teague brought an item near and dear to her heart, as well.

With the help of the Shaman priest, “Jack” slipped the ring onto Amanda’s finger right in front of a huge picture of Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Funny enough, the reason for the picture wasn’t just because of her career as an impersonator.

She firmly believed her new paranormal hubby looked just like the hero of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. If that truly was the case, well, Amanda landed herself quite a looker.

When the group arrived back on land, they completed the ceremony by placing Jack’s ring on a lit candle since he didn’t have an actual solid finger to put it on. Then came the most important part of it all.

The official paperwork stating Amanda and Jack were legally bound by law was signed by both her and the medium who Jack spoke and acted through. Ireland now acknowledged it as a legitimate marriage.

Amanda and Jack were finally a couple, and everyone who helped bring the ceremony to its joyous completion was equally as thrilled. Amanda’s previous marriage lasted five years, but she was now convinced she was finally with her “soulmate.” At least, for the time being.

As with most brand new marriages, things were amazing at first. The two were in love, she claimed, and nothing was going to sour their journey. But, two weeks in, she realized she may have made a grave mistake.

She said her health started drastically deteriorating every time they were intimate. She began developing abscesses and even cirrhosis, so she ended all physical contact, believing Jack was trying to “steal her energy.” Jack didn’t take kindly to her decision.

“It was terrifying seeing a completely different side to the lovely spirit I had seen before,” Amanda said. Jack allegedly took his rage out on her dog, Toby, killing him when the pup acted out aggressively. So Amanda made a tough choice.

She called it quits with Jack and never looked back. Looking back, she believed her fascination with pirates — specifically Jack Sparrow — was what led the Haitian ghost to approach her. Now she’s firmly against mingling with the spiritual world.

If Amanda’s love affair with Jack was real (no one ever saw him, so they had to take her word for it), she was lucky to get out alive. When dealing with entities that aren’t of this physical realm, it’s impossible to know exactly how events will unfold.

Can you imagine marrying a ghost? Or even telling people you were in love with something no one but you could see? As strange as it sounds, Amanda’s not the only person who’s developed a deep emotional bond over something totally unconventional.

A Swedish woman named Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer fell in love and married the Berlin Wall in 1979. The marriage wasn’t legally recognized, but she changed her last name to “Berliner-Mauer,” which means Berlin Wall in German.

Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer

The couple had their struggles through the years, though. Eija-Riitta said, “We made it through the terrible disaster of 9 November 1989, when my husband was subjected to frenzied attacks by a mob.” She was very upset when the wall finally came down saying her husband was “mutilated.”

Brian Cliff Olguin / Vice

In a commitment ceremony in 2007, Erika La Tour Eiffel married her love, the Eiffel Tower. She recalled being attracted to objects as a little kid, realizing that other children were dating each other, while she was dating…a bridge.

Erika La Tour Eiffel

Erika said, “I know love is being reciprocated. I’m not being held back. I love my life.” She has had previous feelings for the Berlin Wall, the Golden Gate Bridge, and her archery bow named Lance, with which she became a world-class archer.

Erika Aya Eiffel / Wikimedia Commons

An organist from Pennsylvania, Amy Wolfe-Weber has been involved in a courtship with a magic carpet ride at the Knoebels amusement park in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, for a decade now.

Barcroft Media

Since then, she’s changed her last name to Weber, the ride’s manufacturing company. About ten times each year, she travels 160 miles to visit the 1001 Nacht and has ridden the ride well over 3,000 times since falling in love.

Barcroft Media

Lee Jin-gyu, a 28-year-old South Korean, fell in love with his “dakimakura,” a type of body pillow that features his favorite TV show anime character. He fitted the pillow for a wedding dress but says he still needs more time before they tie the knot.

His friend notes, “They go out to the park or the funfair, where it will go on all the rides with him. Then when he goes out to eat, he takes it with him and it gets its own seat and its own meal.” Lee’s friend says the pair are inseparable.

Fatos Desconhecidos

A 27-year-old Japanese gamer, who only goes by his gamer name Sal 9000, fell in love with a character from a Nintendo DS virtual dating video game. The game, Love Plus, features Nene Anegasaki, the “perfect” girl who is every gamer’s dream.

Sal 9000

The two had a non-legally binding commitment ceremony in 2009. Sal 9000 wore a white tux and live streamed their nuptials on the Internet. After he expressed his vows to his virtual fiancé, he kissed his Nintendo game controller to seal the deal.

Design Boom

Edward Smith has a paraphilia called “mechaphilia,” which is the physical desire to be intimate with machines. He claims to have been with over 1,000 cars since he was just 15-years-old.

Edward Smith

Today, his current girlfriend is a white 1974 Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla. Although he is not totally monogamous, he still maintains a relationship with a 1973 Opal GT named Cinnamon and a 1993 Ford Ranger Splash named Ginger.

Daniel Berman / Barcroft Media

Deeply obsessed with the inner workings of machines, 41-year-old Joachim A. became emotionally involved with a steam locomotive. He said his locomotive is very much his desired partner and all his emotions are focused on it.


Still, because Joachim’s so strongly attracted to machines, he said his passion had led him astray several times. Joachim noted, “A love affair could very well begin with a broken radiator. Repair jobs have often led to infidelity in the past.”

Popular Mechanics

Bill Rifka, a 35-year-old psychology student, found love with his Mac computer. He’s admitted, though, he’s often flirted with many laptops on eBay and in turn has felt a deep and true desire towards them.

Additionally, Bill says his iBook identifies as a male, so he’s stated that he’s in a homosexual relationship with his laptop. Being a psychology student, Bill doesn’t find the need to justify his love to his colleagues. Their relationship is real and true.


Doro B. and a metal processing system: While at work, Doro has fallen in love with a female machine that processes metal. She says that the “sweet hum” of the machine entices her and is what piqued her interest in the first place.

The Richest

Doro says she keeps her affection to a minimum while at work to keep things professional, but at night, she interacts with a model of the machine. She claims, “that’s not a substitute; it’s more like a supplement. That’s why it doesn’t count as cheating. The model serves as a kind of fax machine that conveys my feelings to my beloved.”


Tracey Emin, an artist from the UK, held an exhibit in Hong Kong where she announced she had married a rock she called “an impressive stone.” She’s described the stone as to be quite large. It lives in her home garden.

Anthony Devlin / PA

Tracey has also described the stone as her anchor, unable to be moved by any force, and that grounds and stabilizes her. “The other thing about the stone is that it could be quite monstrous and scary. Instead, I saw it as a protection thing as opposed to a fearful thing.”